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BN CD GN CGC CGCA CGCU PATS RN RA (2017 and 2018 rally nationals qualifier) IAC TN-I TG-I NJC NAC NCC, hips top 80th percentile through PennHip (.32, .32), elbows OFA normal, DM and MDR1 clear.

nico from june 2016.jpg

IPO1, AD, CASIB, Hip: SV: HD a-normal (a1) -

Elbows: SV: ED a-normal (a1), HD-ZW77, DM and MDR1 clear, clear for coats, carries for black.


 IPO2, Kkl passed, 5CU1-P, hips 0/0, elbows 0/0, DM carrier, clear for coats, carries for black.



cropped SG Roxi Sinensis Bohemia ZVV 3.j


ZVV3, Hips A normal,  - Elbows 0/0, DM carrier, carries for coats.

IPO2 CD RN, hips A, elbows 0/0, DM and MDR1 clear.   SOLD ~ REFERENCE SIRE

Kali stack.JPG


Quality before quantity!  Von Cluskey German Shepherds is dedicated to producing stable, balanced, clear headed dogs suitable for real world work, a wide variety of sports venues or as active family companions.  We will never produce just for the sake of having puppies to sell, but rather because we have a goal in mind for a particular breeding and because we feel that the sire and dam of the litter are a good match and will produce puppies that will be excellent representations of the breed and who we will be proud to have represent our breeding program.  All of our breeding stock is titled, usually in several venues, health tested and from top working lines.  Because we do train and compete with our dogs ourselves in a wide variety of sports, we recognize the strengths and weaknesses in each dog and take these in to consideration when planning breedings.  We want to produce a dog who will give his all while working or playing but who can then come into the house and be a beloved part of the family when work or play is done.


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