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Teamwerk K9 Services


Whether it’s basic obedience for the family pet, preparing for competition in any number of venues, scent detection training for sport or real world applications, addressing training or behavioral issues in any breed or age of dog, or developing the protective instinct of a dog to defend its handler or property, the foundation of all training done at Teamwerk K9 is the idea of team work and building a bond, relationship and communication  that works both ways between dog and handler.  All training is done in a positive, reward based method to begin with and corrections are Never added unless or until we are 110% certain that the dog understands what is being asked of him. 


Private Lessons


We prefer private lessons in most situations because we can meet the individual needs of each dog/handler team more completely and readily this way.  We can move along at each team’s pace and customize each lesson to fit the team’s progress and goals.  Each dog and handler learns and accomplishes goals in a different way, and by working one on one with teams in a private lesson, these differences can be more easily accommodated.


Group Classes


We do occasionally offer group classes in different levels of obedience and nosework.  These classes are kept small to assure that each team gets adequate attention in class.

Task/Service Dog Training


We offer service dog training to those in true need of a service dog.  We will not train dogs as service dogs for those who just want to be able to take their dogs everywhere they go, but if you are in need of a dog to perform tasks or services for you, please contact us to discuss your needs!




We offer dog boarding on a limited basis.  If you are going out of town and can’t take your best friend with you, please contact us about becoming your furry friend’s home away from home!  You can choose to have your dog boarded with or without training.  Each dog gets time out in one of our several dog yards daily with play sessions with a human, but you may also choose to have your dog receive training while you are away.  This can help keep the dog occupied and helps reduce the amount of fretting the dog might do away from home without his or her human!  We do not encourage board and train for the specific purpose of training your dog because we, not you, then build the team work with your dog, but training for the short time you are out of town can be beneficial to everyone!

Dog Location


Need help finding your perfect new partner?  Have specific needs or requirements for your new best friend or working teammate? Contact Teamwerk K9, and we can assist you!

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