SG Roxi Sinensis Bohemia

ZVV3, Hips A normal,  - Elbows 0/0 DM carrier, carries for coats

cropped SG Roxi Sinensis Bohemia ZVV 3.j

Roxi Sinensis Bohemia (Roxi) is a solid black Czech import with fabulous ball and food drive and an intense desire to work with and please her handler.  She has the honored distinction of earning her ZVV3, an extremely difficult title to earn consisting of 3 intense phases of tracking, obedience and protection.  Very few dogs have what it takes to earn this title, and it is even more rare to see it in a female.  Roxi's sire is the fantastic two times world champion V Qvido Vepeden 2X WUSV WORLD CHAMPION (2016 & 2018), IPO3, 4X WUSV, 3X UMM ČKNO.  Qvido is a son of the outstanding world champion SG Jaro Ja-He CZECH WORKING CHAMPION, IPO3, ZVV3, 3X FCI, WUSV 2012 and V Agáta Vepeden ZM, ZVV1, FPr1, ZPS1, ZPO1, FH2, IPO3, SchH3, 3XUMCR, 2XCAC, 2XCACT, 2XResCACT, 4XUMM CKNO, UM MSKS, a daughter of V Jaguar Aritar Bastet IPO3, SCHH1. Roxi's dam, SG Cumma Globule ZVV 3,VZ,StPr3,APr3,IPO 3,UPr3,FPr3,ZPS1,SPr2,BH,IPO-VO, ZPO, ZPO1, ZM,ZPU2,IPO-ZTP,ZZO3,ZZO, is a daughter of V Yvon z Pohranicni Straze ZM, ZVV1, IPO1, ZOP, ZPU1, SCHH2, ZPO1 and G Gira Staglar FPR1, ZOP, ZPU1, ZVV2, a daughter of SG Brus Balgaro IPO 3, SCHH 3. Roxi will be arriving from the Czech Republic the end of November and will be bred to Nico for her first litter in February!

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