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If you would like further information or would like to be added to the waiting list for any of these litters, please contact us.  For further information on the parents of our planned litters, please see each dog's page.

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SG Inexis z Heranovy Vily, IPO2, hips and elbows 0/0, dm carrier, MDR1 clear has been confirmed pregnant to SG Noris z Michalkinej záhrady, 5X5/55 P, IGP 3, hips and elbows SV A-normal, dm and MDR1 clear with pups due June 19, 2022.  Sable, bi-color and black pups will be possible in this litter.  Pups from this pairing are expected to be high energy, high drive pups who will be suitable for real world work, as sport dogs for a wide variety of venues, and as very active family dogs as long as their drives and energy are given direction and a suitable outlet.  Both Noris and Nexi have pups from previous litters training toward or working as police and search dogs, in a wide variety of sports venues, as service dogs and living with their families as wonderful family companions.  A waiting list has been started for this litter.  Please contact us if interested in being added to the list!