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If you would like further information or would like to be added to the waiting list for any of these litters, please contact us.  For further information on the parents of our planned litters, please see each dog's page.


**Von Cluskey ”M” Litter**

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SG Inexis z Heranovy Vily, 5CU1-P, IPO2, Kkl passed, hips and elbows 0/0, DM carrier, mdr1 clear has been bred to SG Noris z Michalkinej záhrady, 5X5/55 P, IGP 3, hips and elbows SV A-normal, dm and mdr1 clear and will be due around December 10 if the breeding is successful!

Nexi is a Czech import with outstanding food and ball drive and a huge desire to work with and please her handler.  She is an extremely high energy, high drive dog who hasslowly, over the years, developed a little bit of an off switch!  She has a breed survey score of 5CU1-P and completed her IPO titles with some very nice scores: IPO2 95/90/93 and IPO1 95/80/93. She has precise, happy and fast obedience, hits like a freight train in her outstanding and highly controllable protection with full, calm and crushing grips and is a dedicated, persistent tracker.  Nexi is a very stable, clear headed, well balanced female who is very social and outgoing.  She has dark pigment and great structure.  Nexi has an impeccable pedigree, being an own daughter of the great world champion and outstanding world champion sire SG Jaro Ja-He CZECH WORKING CHAMPION, IPO3, ZVV3, 3X FCI, WUSV 2012, himself a son of SG Ellute von der Mohnwiese SCHH3, IPO3, FH1, (2X BSP) out of SG Jola vom Ortenberg SVV1, a daughter of V Ury vom Fuchsgraben SCHH3.  Nexi's dam, VD Centurie z Heranovy Vily IPO 2, FPr 1, ZM, ZOP, ZPS 1, ZPU 1, SPr 2, ZVV 1 is a daughter of SG Norman Eqidius IPO3, SchH3, SVV1 out of Mendy Gaja-Nova ZPS 1, IPO 3, ZM, ZVV 1, a daughter of VIngolf von Karthago SCHH3, IPO3, FH2.  

Noris is a gorgeous bi-color male imported from Slovakia by Von Cluskey German Shepherds and is the epitome  of what the German Shepherd should be. He is from top European working lines with wonderful conformation and character. He is a very high energy dog with outstanding food and ball drive and a perfect off switch that combine to make him wonderful to live and work with.  He lives in the house with 3 of my females and I.  He is very social with a clear head and very steady nerves. He has earned his IGP3 with all scores in all 3 phases at all 3 levels in the 90s.  Noris’s sire is V Izar z Michalkinej zahrady BH, IPO1, SVV3, a son of SG Asko Kedul Hof IPO3 and SG Doris z Michalkinej zahrady SVV 1, herself a daughter of SG Top vom Kirchberghof SCHH3, IPO3, FH1 and SG Bessi z gemera SVV1. Noris’s dam, SG Nurry zo Severnej hranice ZVV1, is owned by the Slovakian police dog kennels and is a daughter of the great V Goran van Serburus SchH3, IPO3, 2XWUSV and Kora zo Severnej hranice SVV1, a daughter of G Justin Zamat SCHH2 and G Fagy od hranicnej rieky SVV1.

This litter will be Nexi’s last and is a repeat of the “L” litter, which I feel was one of the collectively overall most balanced, potentially talented litters I’ve ever raised.  While with me, they were social, confident, driven (both for food and toy), highly trainable pups with excellent handler focus, fantastic noses and a fun and eager outlook that made them an absolute joy to have around.  From the reports I’m getting from their new handlers and families, these traits are holding true as they venture into their new lives and surroundings!

Sable, bi-color and black pups will be possible in this litter. There will be no coated pups in this litter.

This litter will range from medium to high in both drive and energy level but should have very nice off switches.  They will be suitable for a wide variety of working and sport venues and will also be wonderful family dogs as long as their drives and energy are given suitable direction and outlets. 

Pups will be AKC registered and  microchipped, will come with a sales contract and 26 month hip and elbow guarantee, will have been given age appropriate vaccinations and will have been dewormed, and will come with a lifetime of breeder support and interest in their achievements!

A waiting list has been started with both male and female spots currently open.  Please pm with any questions or to be added to the list!