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IPO1, AD, Cacib, Hip: SV: HD a-normal (a1) -
Elbows: SV: ED a-normal (a1), HD-ZW77, DM and MDR1 clear, clear for coats, carries for black

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nico 1.jpg

Nico ze Zelene Uzlabiny, aka Nico, is a Czech import with excellent food and ball drive and a strong desire to work with and please his handler.  He has earned his IPO1 (tracking, obedience and protection), his AD (12 mile

endurance test), and his CACIB (show title).  His obedience is happy, his

protection work is seriously intense, and he is persistent in his tracking.

Nico is a very calm, stable, clear headed, well balanced dog who is loving

with his people, but is highly protective of his territory and family with a

definite civil side which he is more than willing to act on until told it is okay, then he becomes a social dog who loves to play.  He is excellent with neutral dogs of both sexes, but will not tolerate challenges from any dog.

He is excellent in the house and in public and loves to ride in the car.  He is a serious dog who takes his job to heart!  He has puppies training and working in personal and home protection, police and security.  Nico's sire is the outstanding working dog, world champion and excellent sire  V Chris spod Lazov FCI WORLD CHAMPION 2013, WUSV Universal Sieger, Slovakian Working Champion, IPO3, 2X WUSV, who is himself a son of V Faro Demin dvor SLOVAKIAN WORKING CHAMPION 2011, IPO3, SCHH3,WUSV 2010 15°, FCI 2010 9°, WUSV-UNI 2011 3°, CACIT, out of SG Vanda di Dranel IPO1, a daughter of GIory di Dranel IPO 3.  Nico is out of an outstanding working and producing female, V Queen z Berounske Basty IPO3, ZPO1, ZVV3, SPr3.  Not only is she the earner of the ZVV3 title, which is an extremely difficult title for any dog to complete (there are only 4 or 5 of them completed each year), not to mention a female, but she has also produced several earners of the ZVV3

among other high level working titles.  Queen is a daughter of SG Max Cerny obelisk ZVV2, ZMT, T-3, OPT-2 KKL 2 out of another outstanding working and producing female, SG Bona ze Svobodného dvora ZZO, ZVV3, ZPO1, IPO-V, IPO3, FPR3, a daughter of the great  V Vito vom Waldwinkel SCHH 3 10X (LGA 2X).  We are extremely honored and excited to ad a dog of Nico's caliber to our breeding program and are very much looking forward to seeing what he produces with our well bred and highly titled females!  We also plan to continue on with his titling.  Nico stands to approved outside females as well.

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