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BN CD GN CGC CGCA CGCU PATS RN RA RE (2017 and 2018 rally nationals qualifier) IAC TN-I TG-I NJC NAC NCC, hips top 80th percentile through PennHip (.32, .32), elbows OFA normal, DM and MDR1 clear.


Irma was imported from the Czech Republic as a puppy and has turned into my go everywhere, do everything with me dog.  She and I have earned advanced titles in competition obedience, rally and agility. Irma is extensively temperament tested, earning all 3 levels of the CGC as well as the PATS, the public access test given to service dogs, is a tracking machine, is solidly trained and considering trying for certification on 4 different narcotic odors (training with Scent Logix odors), enjoys protection work (works more in defense than prey and could definitely swing toward civil if encouraged) and is the best friend every dog person hopes for.  She is quite aloof with strangers and is definitely more of a one person dog, but she does warm up and is quite social once properly introduced to new people.  Irma has high food drive, higher ball drive and very intense and determined hunt drive.  We will be pursuing further obedience, rally and agility titles, and will start our tracking trialing next year.  We are also entertaining the idea of trying either IGP or PSA. Irma is an extremely active dog with a fantastic off switch.  Her sire, Jupiter Birnejan,  is a ZVV1 son of SG Dago von Weltwitz SCHH3 FH1 out of Jolina Helilein SCHH3 IPO3 ZVV2 ZPO1, a daughter of V Ingolf von Karthago SCHH3 IPO3 FH2.  Her ZVV1 titled dam, Gora Garoma Silesia,  is a daughter of VD Torr Opavia Hof IPO3 SCHH1 out of Linet Moravia Artex ZVV1, a daughter of 5V5/55 (SLO) Cezar Modry safir SVV1/SCHH1 IPO3.

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