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Arden was my pick pupppy from the Von Cluskey A litter.   She was chosen for her outgoing, high energy personality and intense toy drive coupled with a strong desire and willingness to use her nose.  Arden grew into a spitfire of a female, reminding me in a lot of ways more of a Mal than a German Shepherd.  She stands 23 inches and weighs 55 pounds, but don’t let her size fool you, this girl packs a lot of drive and determination into her smaller stature!  She is quick and agile and can get into and out of places bigger dogs can’t.  She and I have earned titles in competition obedience, rally and agility.  We have obtained all 3 levels of the CGC and earned our PATS certification.  We have done some bite work and, although Arden is still very green, she loves the work and I believe could earn at least her IGP1.  By far Arden’s favorite work, however, is anything involving the use of her nose.  She has a good trailing foundation and is currently training on 4 different Scentlogix narcotics and could easily be certified as a narcotics detection dog.  Arden is being offered for sale.  I have several videos of her at work.  She is intact and is 3.5 years of age.  She has never been bred, but cycles regularly every 5 months.  She is AKC registered, microchipped, current on vaccinations and worming, has OFA good hips and Normal elbows, is a dm carrier and is MDR1 clear.

Arden stack 8 18 19.JPG
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